Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Great God Awto

I readily and heartily admit to being a die-hard Clark Ashton Smith fan. His stories are so like being buried in quicksand and enjoying every moment of it. I read one I hadn't in the past here.

It's a very timely story that caught me unaware, and it made me think and laugh at once. One more for Smith's genius, one more to ponder and appreciate. Classics never die.


Lord Ghul of Hyperborea said...

CAS is among the greatest writers ever. He certainly deserves to be in the conversation. As it so happens I've begun the preliminary work for my first blog post here at LotGD, and it involves a conceptual theme that has been explored by both CAS and HPL. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to take part in this excellent community effort. Cheers! --Jeff T.

E N Shook said...

I wonder if we're going to find ourselves more attracted to CAS and HPL themes as we move deeper into this recession and find ourselves in a world wide, monolithic depression? A kind of return to nature's whim and lack of mercy. An existence in which the swell of the sea's rise could reveal coils beneath, where trends lead into estate obliterating terror and charts give way to the unchartable.