Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pig Faced Orc's


Rob Kuntz said...

EGG's favorites! I love 'em.

For any particular work, Atom?

ATOM said...

Yes-sir! I got commissioned for nine seperate
pieces for a new Orc's source book that is to be released.(shhh!)I can say no more!

I always loved the look of the old Iconic D&D Humanoid races, especially the Orc's....I would never get tired of drawing Old-school Orc's and Troll's.

Rob Kuntz said...

Well good luck! "Orcsource" it is... would you please pass the orc-sauce, and while yur at it, the goblin gigglets... i, mean, giblets.

ATOM said...

I always wondered if players could actually cook and eat Pig-Faced Orc's? Mayhap they do tastle like bacon? Just the choice pieces of course! Mind you, you never really know where they've been?

grodog said...

Andy also illustrated the box cover for Otherworld Miniatures' line of pig-faced orcs; see for minis details, and for Andy's cover illustration!


ATOM said...

Thank's Allan,

I love Otherworld's Miniatures, its like the First Edition Monster Manual creatures in 3D!
First edition purists, like ourselves!

Tim Knight said...

My wife bought me the box set of Otherworld Miniatures' orcs at the weekend (as an early wedding anniversary present - how cool is that?) and they've gone off to the painter already.

Otherworld manufacture perfect old school miniatures and I can't wait to be able to buy more to complement my games.