Sunday, March 1, 2009


Welcome to Pied Piper's new blog! I have invited a select number of folks to have posting rights here and I do hope that you take advantage of them, if not regularly, at least when the mood strikes.

The idea of this blog is to separate the chaff from the wheat with our products and ideas, and we have also created a new forum as well that will go live very soon. This blog will facilitate the open discussion and commentary on PPP's products and related fantasy industry topics and other material related to both, such as overlapping fantasy fiction and essays of the sort that would, by discussion, contribute to the a widening base of knowledge for its readers.

This is also a good place to ask me questions of any sort relating to my past designs and involvement within this industry 1968-present, to conduct an interview, for instance,
or at least to arrange for one.

The folks I have invited here are pretty representative of a cross-section: fans, collectors, reviewers, historians, friends, colleagues, and other professionals, such as artists, authors, business owners, graphic designers and game designers, etc.

I am sure that we will all pleasantly enjoy ourselves; and the list of invitees will no doubt be added to, with Gronan being amongst those who I could not find an email address for.

Rob Kuntz


Heruka said...

I'd love the chance to do an interview Rob, as and when and if it would suit you. I'm not likely to be focused on the detail and minutiae, since my interest is full-square on the imaginal and archetypal forms and forces that inform roleplaying as a cultural expression and a way to play, although I am very interestd in how it came into being, and where it might yet go. If that sounds like something you'd be into at some point, I'd be very chuffed to take it on.

All the very best

ATOM said...

Hi Rob, and fellow blogger's. Thank's for the invite, much appreciated.It promises to be a good year for Pied Piper Publications!Congratulations too, on the new product releases Rob. ;)